!! OMG, WATCH: Mother-of-ten burns a copy of Teen Vogue’s ANAL SEX GUIDE while having a total meltdown !!

Um, she’s had TEN kids, so she’s may actually benefit from learning about anal sex! That’s one irresponsible carbon footprint (vag-print?)! Check out some “Activist MOM” having a total meltdown about Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide above! Thotz? Is no education and ignorance better than being informed about sex?

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16 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Mother-of-ten burns a copy of Teen Vogue’s ANAL SEX GUIDE while having a total meltdown"

  1. Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 ccahm

  2. Teen Vogue? Really.. most kids are interested in make up articles, snapchat.. Selfies etc.. and if they stumble upon this article then so be it.. and who’s buying them the TeenVogue magazine anyway? come on woman of 10.. are you going to teach your children abstinence? hello obviously you didn’t learn yourself any restraint..

  3. I certainly hope none of her 10 children are gay because the will be living a life of hell. Children now days are exposed to more on the internet then from a magazine.

  4. The irony here, or ignorance, is the article that has her knickers in a knot isn’t even included in the print edition of the magazine. It’s published in the online edition only. Let’s hope they all burn their computers and phones too.

  5. What’s funniest about this is that the print editions don’t carry these forward thinking articles. They’re only available on line.

  6. I remember seeing another video of hers. She was quite anti-feminist and pro-Trump, but to be honest it didn’t faze me. Neither did this… maybe I’ve just gone past caring!

  7. Sadly, teen vogue didn’t have a section about pulling the stick out of your ass.

  8. What she does not realize is many children experiment sexually in some cases even before age 11. I seriously doubt many 11 year olds are reading teen vogue anyway….but if they are then maybe some parental input might be in order. All said though….she is a stupid twat. 10 children? Let me guess…she does not believe in birth control.

  9. She is a mother of ten, she will probably not have a good opinion of how to raise children. I mean the opinion of someone without kids on how to raise children is obviously the same worth as someone who actually has children and actually has seen the influence something can have on how she wants to raise her children.

    I love the comment of Mack, I so agree: We on the internet are way better judges of how other people should run their life as the people themselves.

    If you have children you should definitely give them “Teen Vogue”, nothing better for your child as cultural marxist ideas to hate yourself, your family and your culture and destroy it all and substituting it with some vague notion as “globalism”, “diversity” “equality of outcome””empathy is good, even if destroys your entire society” and other ideas who haven’t worked for any society yet.

  10. I mean, she’s right about Lena Dunham… Just saying…

  11. She’s against the sexualization of children. And I don’t think she’s wrong.

  12. Gay and i agree with it come on for that target audience 11-17 anal sex guide is too much

    • I was 12/13 when I found and dreamt of being pounded by Mark Dalton, and stumbled upon my suit fetish. Teens aren’t naive little angels that don’t know about sex anyway.

  13. Perhaps if she used the guide then she wouldn’t have had 10 kids and be so out of it.

    Don’t buy the magazine!!!!
    Nobody cares about your opinion..TEEN MOM…OOPS, I MEAN “ACTIVIST MOMMY”….really? really?
    Get a life!!

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