!! OMG, a fight broke out at a Toronto PIZZA PIZZA and it looks straight out of Street Fighter !!

If you need an injection of class and refinement in your life, click play above! A Toronto PIZZA PIZZA was the backdrop for a Double-Dragon level this month, and here’s the hot video to prove it!

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16 Comments on "OMG, a fight broke out at a Toronto PIZZA PIZZA and it looks straight out of Street Fighter"

  1. OMG blog , You should be embarrassed that you even would post a thing like this as it endorses violence. Plus, as far as flights go it wasn’t even entertaining. What a sad state of affairs the human race is In

  2. Awesome butt in the grey pants!

  3. What’s a Pizza Pizza?

  4. Can we just stop for a second and talk about the awesome butt in the grey jeans?

  5. scotshot

    Totally fake. No blows were landed, no hair torn out, others sat around texting and eating, smiling. That was bad basic.

  6. Looks like a very bad rendition of a dizzying dance number gone south. Or they were practicing for prom night.

  7. That guy’s ass in the thumbnail though!

  8. Sorry but this looks totally staged. I find it hard to believe that nobody that worked at the restaurant did anything. No manager would just allow this to happen without calling the police and telling them to leave.

  9. Classy.

  10. Fight? What fight?? I’ll have a BIG slice of that mighty fine ass in the black tee and the grey pants.

  11. Was there actually a reason for posting this.

  12. Many of them look like they should ease up on the pizza intake

  13. You’re right Chris I was like Damn that butt tho. however it was more of a heated argument then a fight.

  14. Hate to see women tearing each other down, but that guy in the thumbnail got a nice butt.

  15. we have to do that sort of shit periodically at the dog park too.

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