!! OMG, WATCH: Seth Meyers chats with Nick Robinson, the star of the gay-themed ‘Love, Simon’ !!

A historic and important move for a studio film about a teenage love story where the main focus is a gay man! Love Simon star Nick Robinson chats about the film with Seth Meyers above!

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6 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Seth Meyers chats with Nick Robinson, the star of the gay-themed ‘Love, Simon’"

  1. Hi
    well I think he is really good and professional actor so he will become successful at his work but I think he dosen’t like most of his characters of his films andthese characters aren’t so suitable for a young man. He is a talented man so I think he should play in a film that teenagers can see and right for them for example I think one of his film is terrible it’s name is Everything every thing .I wish he will be successful at all.

  2. De Nick meleg , nem?

  3. Nick’s a good actor, not a good talk show guest. I don’t think he got to do much press for his previous films. I’m sure he’ll get better at this as time goes on, at least I hope so because right now he just seems uncomfortable and nervous.

  4. How is this historic? A straight actor playing a gay role in a film about a gay guy? What am I missing?

  5. This young man reminds me of a young Billy Crystal…his features and verbal inflections especially.

  6. Does it get better? I turned it off after he stumbled his way through his answer to the first question because he seemed nervous and I empathize too much with that lol. So cringe-y.

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