!! OMG, WATCH: The disastrous live-action CATS trailer is here and it will give you CGI nightmares !!

MEOW! You’re gonna soil your damn litterbox after watching the brand new trailer for the live-action CATS film featuring Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson! Those CGI faces are ooofie! Check it out above!

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8 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: The disastrous live-action CATS trailer is here and it will give you CGI nightmares"

  1. MissKittyLongBranch | August 24, 2019 at 1:04 pm | Reply

    I wonder if there is time to salvage this mess? Maybe hide the human celebrity attributes a little more and go full CGI? It looks horrifying TBH. I’m not a big fan of any of the actors so maybe I’m enjoying the pre-flop a little too much LOL.

  2. If ever a preview made me not want to see a movie. This is it!

  3. I know it’s popular these days to trash everything before it even comes out, but I think it looks fantastic and magical, and I can’t wait to see it.

    • Agreed! Looks fantastic

    • Or maybe its just that movies are just crap theses days… while some movies have had amazing record breaking runs, overall box office is still down. This doesn’t interest me at all – I shut off the preview half way through. The CGI is bad, and the wide eyed innocence on half the “cats” faces just looks phony and dated.

  4. I love the music.
    I’ve seen the show on Broadway when it first opened.
    I’ve caught the traveling companies over the YEARS when they would bring the show local.
    I have very fond memories of a very cute male in a cat outfit jumping into my equally cute boyfriends lap.

    But… (as I’ve posted elsewhere) like “Spamalot” or “Nunsense”, the show did not stand the test of time – it’s dated. For as great an experience as “Cats” was back in the day, I think it’s done. This CGI-fest is just not going to save it.

    • The CGI fest, to me, is ruining too many movies. I can’t understand how Marvel movies make so much money when 95% of them are CGI animations fighting each other.

      • I can’t understand how so many people immediately let CGI ruin a movie for them. If done well, CGI adds to the story and allows scenes that would otherwise be impossible. If you are going to watch a movie looking for every single pixel to ruin your enjoyment, why are you watching the movie?

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