!! OMG, The Weeknd cuts ties with H&M over racist ad !!

Good for him! That’s putting your money where your mouth is! The company sparked outrage this week when one of their ads featured an African American boy wearing a sweater that said “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”, an obvious, highly-offensive oversight for the company.

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5 Comments on "OMG, The Weeknd cuts ties with H&M over racist ad"

  1. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies. Children are commonly (playfully) referred to as monkeys because they like to climb and jump and play around on everything…that’s just high energy and lots of imagination. IMO that someone can see this shirt and immediately jump to it being racist says more about their state of mind than H & M or anyone thinking this is just a cute piece of clothing for kids.

  2. This is actually discriminatory of everyone to be so upset. Why can’t a black boy wear that hoodie that a kid of any other race would wear? That is the true racism in all of this. H&M is being inclusive by allowing diversity, and people who are against this diversity are bigots.

  3. People have just got TOO PC if you ask me. Too Damn sinsetive

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