!! OMG, time flies: Older gentlemen reflect on vintage photographs of their younger selves, share wisdom !!

This may be one of the more heartwarming videos we’ve seen recently – both sweet and profound in its message! We’ll all be old one day (if we aren’t already!) so live for today, laugh, and don’t sweat the small stuff! Check out what these older gents have to say while reflecting on photos of their younger selves, above!

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11 Comments on "OMG, time flies: Older gentlemen reflect on vintage photographs of their younger selves, share wisdom"

  1. I completely agree with HG’s comment that too many gays, esp. the two younger generations (Gen.X {before 2K} and Y2Kers {born after 2K}) seriously play too many sex games instead of trying to establish solid, loving relationship!! they do NOT know what it was like to grow up in the 60’s (Remember Stonewall?!) and 70’s when being called Queer was an ugly word often leading to bloody beatings!! then the 80’s brought us Ronald Reagan’s (GRID – (Gay-Related Infectious Disease, later to be correctly called AIDS – where thousand of us died from that awful disease {Remember the QUILT?)! today’s youth think they are invincible now that researchers (from MY generation) have found ways to be better protected with pills and shots!!
    sorry this comment is so long, but before i die (coming soon) – i would LOVE to be in a stable relationship (after having to care for and bury 9 family/ 7 friends/ 3 ex-lovers in last 24 years) as ALL of YOU, gays/bi and some str8 need to realize that you need to find LOVE, Not for a Night, but for your elderly years (if you make it that far) as you are Not Getting Out of this Life Alive, yet Love can make the long years ahead HAPPIER!! D on’t waste your life having casual sex as AIDS and other STDs are still out there and PLEASE realize that being alone after the skin-deep beauty fades will not be good for you! Wishing you LOVE!!

  2. Mick (the one in the thumbnail) was also a porn actor.

  3. These 4 gentlemen make my heart sing every time I see them.

  4. This is the sweetest video I have seen in years. I got tears in my eyes but I also smiled the entire time.

  5. They’re so hot. They remind me of my grandpa. He was he best lover I ever had. May you rest in peace grandpa!

  6. I loved this. Thank you. ❤️ One gentleman was talking about 1991, and it made me think how that really wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things. I’m not as old as them or from their generation but my point is it goes by very quickly.

    • It does. This is why I don’t understand why so many of us fuck around for so long. I’m gay and I have always dreamt of a husband and kids, but guys my age–even though I’m no spring chicken–are still treating dating like we’re teenagers. Statistically, the majority of gay men over fifty are alone, and gay men tend to die earlier than our straight peers. I wonder how much of that is because we’re alone? Sorry if this is too real… but I’ve just been thinking about all that gay men who came before fought for and achieved for me, and I don’t want to squander it.

  7. cuteness overload! I wish they were all my grandfathers

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