!! OMG, a tribute: After Dark Magazine !!

Bobo from Fey Friends has posted a very fun tribute to the pre-American Apparel (and far hotter) stylings of After Dark magazine HERE and HERE. Who knew Mona was such a cougar?

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3 Comments on "OMG, a tribute: After Dark Magazine"

  1. Lol yes you did too know. I figured that much back when who’s the boss was on, and I’m under 30. The word just wasn’t in use yet.

  2. OMG.. After Dark is fantastic. If you’ve never seen it hit ebay and snatch some up. Hotttttt! Great, pro-booze, pro-queen, pro-fun nightlife mag that is not to be missed.
    (or if you live in SF go to a vintage mag store on Larkin -they have them.)

  3. Viva La Helmond!

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