!! OMG, adults only: Abercrombie & Fitch !!

After being protested by the Christian Right for all the homoerotic and semi-nude photos in their catalog, Abercrombie & Fitch decided to release an “adults-only” version that is only available in Europe to keep the art of shooting hot young flesh for mainstream suburban fashion ad campaigns alive.
See the NSFW photos of male model David Fair (Vision L.A.) after the jump.

(Thanks to Allen O. for the images!)

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11 Comments on "OMG, adults only: Abercrombie & Fitch"

  1. damn europe has all the good stuff

  2. why should bruce weber deviate from his style? isn’t he considered to be one of the greatest photographers of all time? you can’t fix a wall if it’s not broken!!

  3. Leave A&F alone 🙁 I

  4. abercrombie and fitch is so hot! so is ruehl (part of abercrombie just like hollister and abercrombie kids)! if you think this is bad check out gillyhicks.com another store by abercrombie and fitch. the video is NSW though but very sexy!

  5. spiffy, we’re not being punished because we don’t live in Europe, but rather because we do live in the USA. They’re a business, and the bad press and “moral” indignation they get here apparently more than offsets the advertising value of releasing such a catalog here.
    What will be interesting is whether not releasing it here will prevent the bad press considering that this whole internet thing is global.

  6. I think this is disgusting! I mean, I thought this was supposed to be a clothing store, so why are these two young people wandering around with not a stitch on. Sure, Adam and Eve did this, but they were sinners who deserved to be punished and had to cover up their nakedness. I’ve worn out my right wrist, turning over the pages of my copy of this revolting magazine to see if I can see anything remotely christian in it. I can’t, but I’ll keep on checking until I do and then be sure that I’ll be back to let all you sinners and sodomites know.

  7. So stupid. This is just gonna make a bunch of ebay sellers rich. I’ve been collecting their catalogs for years — why should I be punished just because I don’t live in Europe?
    Having said that, Bruce Weber just doesn’t deviate from his style, does he? They look pretty much like all the previous A&F catalog images. Still hot though — I still want.

  8. Wait,I thought Abercrombie & Fitch was a clothing store, not a nudist colony? I am so confused.

  9. We should all send letters to the AFA and Pat Roberson for protecting us from this “Filth”….I guess we could always fly to Europe and try to smuggle it back… 😉

  10. oooh. pretty!

  11. hmmmmmm

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