!! OMG, how fit: Thom Browne !!

Fashion designer Thom Browne has been running in New York’s Central Park for twenty years, and all the while wearing one of his $1000 sweaters. He’s also participated in numerous marathons, which could explain the enormous calves. (via Jossip)

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4 Comments on "OMG, how fit: Thom Browne"

  1. Thom Browns talent lies in sucking the right editor’s and financer’s dicks. His clothes are gimmicky at best and fugly as a rule. He’s a publicity slut and one day when the smoke clears from the mirrors people will feel really stupid for thinking he has talent as a designer.

  2. He looks like an idiot. Polo shirt buttoned up to the neck and a cardian so tight he can’t even button it. He looks like Forrest Gump running in boxer shorts. Mama always said–Stupid is as stupid does. He is not cool at all.

  3. OMG, I love his calves! They would feel so great on my shoulders. But the nerdy jogging outfit has to go. Under Armor is the new cashmere.

  4. His running outfit is waaaaaaaay weird! Who runs wearing a cashmere cardigan and a buttoned up polo?? He is a well known designer (though not my cup of tea and very uncommercial) but that is no justification to be “so fashion” even when running on Central Park. Functionality = Zero, Looks = -1
    Pumpkin Man
    PS-He does have great legs though.

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