!! OMG, again?! Amanda Bynes sideswipes another car !!

Maybe Amanda Bynes shouldn’t be driving. At all. After being pulled early last month for driving under the influence and sideswiping a police car, Bynes has again dispatched the cops when she sideswiped a pick-up truck with her Range Rover… and continued driving. The driver followed her to a gas station when six police cars responded to his 911 call. But that proved to the climax of Bynes’ Friday afternoon. “It turned out the damage to the pick-up truck was so minor that it was very plausible she had no idea that she hit anyone,” said LAPD Sgt. Ben Zucker. “Because of that, we decided not to charge her with hit and run, took a traffic report instead and sent her on her way. There were no arrests made and no one was injured.”
(via People)

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