!! OMG, Alpha, Rita’s Escaped Again! Lionsgate jumpstarts ‘Power Rangers’ movie franchise again !!

It looks as if Lionsgate will be teaming up with Saban to bring back the show I was obsessed with as a young blue ranger in the ‘burbs — YESTHE POWERS RANGERS! The new reboot will aim to “re-envision the Rangers as a group of teenagers chosen to protect the world from a group of alien invaders. The Rangers have the ability to “morph” into superheroes and pilot giant robots.”

Great! I am all for them keeping this cash-cow alive. The Power Rangers brought me so much joy as a kid. The one thing I will say is that hopefully this time, the Blue Ranger can just be openly-gay and not called a f*ggot by the producers on the show and then forced to quit… so… that’d be cute if that could not happen this time.
Oh, and hopefully they can find someone with major star power to fill the shoes of the true star of the original Power Rangers, which was obviously TRINI (RIP)! The new Trini better be into Yoga, because whenever I do the “Warrior 2” pose, I always think of Trini in the opening sequence to Power Rangers. Also the Black Ranger better have all his fingers this time…
Fingers crossed that the Red Ranger ends up on Sean Cody again, and I guess that leaves one more question: WHO is this generation’s AMY JO JOHNSON?!
Will you be checking out the new MMPR when it hits theatres?

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