!! OMG, his butt: Nathan McMullen in ‘Misfits: Season 5 ‘ !!

I used to bow at the altar of television that was Misfits — until they killed off that chav chick and the hot hobbit one. Now, suddenly, it’s season five and I couldn’t tell you who Nathan McMullen plays on the show, but I can tell you he’s naked after the NSFW jump!

Misfits S05EP02[(035896)20-10-38].JPG
Misfits S05EP02[(035906)20-11-00].JPG
Misfits S05EP02[(035912)20-11-16].JPG
Misfits S05EP02[(035926)20-11-49].JPG
Misfits S05EP02[(036208)20-17-13].JPG
Misfits S05EP02[(037126)20-21-31].JPG
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  1. Altar is the word you’re looking for.

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