!! OMG, and the winner of The Face of Furry Creek is…?: ew, gross ! !!

If you’ve been watching The Flop of Funny Crap you’ll have seen this week’s final episode where The Face was announced, and you’ll therefore know that said face is not a nice face to look at but would also agree therefore that the chosen face does indeed represent their mountain town; Furry Creek being the sort of place where it’s right eye looks in one direction whilst the left eye flits around a lot, and the sort of town that if it had a big water well in the middle that was it’s mouth, it would drool-flood on a regular basis and would emit a pungent stench of stonkin’ old clam chowder…so in these ways the winning face does indeed best represent Furry Creek.
You can watch the winner’s tourism commercial [I ain’t never going there, no way] and interviews with the losers and the winning loser in Mario’s Reunion Specialness segment after the jump.
The whole series will rerun starting Monday, July 15th @ 9pm on OUTTV Canada, and a ‘special’ [as in “my mom says I’m special”] video treat from the detestable contestantables will seep out of Furry Creek some time next week, so keep your nose pegged and your peepers peeled for that one !

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