!! OMG another bulge: Speedo’s new design !!

American Olympic Medalists, including Michael Phelps, modelled the latest design from Speedo at a press release in New York a couple weeks ago. The athletes will wear the suits during the Summer Games in Beijing this year. Some have complained that the suits give these athletes an unfair advantage over other Olympians. Is it cause the other swimmers will be distracted by outlines and camel toes?
Click the image to enlarge (slightly).
Thanks to Wendell for the tip.

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5 Comments on "OMG another bulge: Speedo’s new design"

  1. I can’t believe you actually posted it! I was so excited that I finally found something worth sending you as a tip! Lol. I’m such a goofball. I have to say that its just really sexy when a swimmer points it up not down… and really stupid also. Isn’t it more hydrodynamic if its pointed down?

  2. I miss the good ol’ days when male swimmers shave down their ENTIRE body and wear just a skimpy suit and a cap… 🙁

  3. QC, of course, has done the close-ups.
    One can only imagine — HaHa — how Michael gets into, and out of, that suit.

  4. It is an unfair advantage. They should do away with swim suits altogether and swim naked. Yeah. Naked. Like the good lord meant.

  5. you’d think he would at least point it DOWN

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