!! OMG, Are You Itchy?: Bedbugs Invade Abercrombie !!

Hey you in your puka shell necklace and casually weathered cargo shorts! Yes you! Have you been noticing an itch in your undies lately? Perhaps some unsightly red welts on your body? No, it’s not crabs! It could be that your carefully selected gay fratwear has given you a case of the dreaded bedbugs!
You may have heard that the Soho branch ofAbercrombie & Fitch‘s trashy little corporate cousin Hollister was closed earlier this week for a bedbug infestation. And today the mothership has fallen: the South Street Seaport Abercrombie has also been taken over by the little buggers.
Could this be a case of corporate sabotage? Or maybe Abercrombie clothes are just plain nasty?! Either way, it seems clear that no matter how sexy the gay nudie catalog is, the cooties are not worth it!
[Via Gawker]

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2 Comments on "OMG, Are You Itchy?: Bedbugs Invade Abercrombie"

  1. i like their material but their clothes are made for skinny bitches

  2. I used to shop at A & F. I loved their cargo pants and a few other things, and you could always find good stuff in their outlet store. When they stopped selling the cargo pants and I couldn’t find clothes that fit me anymore, I started shopping at Old Navy.
    Bedbugs, eh? The goddess is angry because of the old spill and other stupid things we’re doing to the planet, so she’s paying us back! Listen to nature! It won’t steer you wrong.

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