!! OMG, Balloon Boy !!

BREAKING! BREAKING! So I’m on the bus right now and am clearly missing out on the story of the century, but I guess all of you are probably glued to your teevees right now fretting over Balloon Boy’s wild ride! (UPDATE: I guess he just came down? UPDATE: But maybe he’s not in the balloon???)
Anyway, I’ve just been informed that Balloon Boy and his family recently were featured on WIFE SWAP. I can’t even watch this video because I have no headphones, but OMG’s Wife Swap Correspondent Kyle reports:

“Oh my god THIS FAMILY!??!?!?!
so nuts!

Thanks to Kyle for his astute analysis, and to Brian for alerting me to Balloon Boy’s reality teevee fame. Let’s all pray for his speedy return to earth.

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4 Comments on "OMG, Balloon Boy"

  1. this is why people need a license to have children in the USA! poor kids will probably only amount to being just as pathetic as their parents!

  2. Did anyone actually even care about this? I can’t imagine it being actual news or anything. OMG here’s the headline “Kid does stupid shit!” Wait that’s still not news.

  3. I’m an evil soulless bastard who only paid attention to this story for 2 seconds before my brain pointed out that I didn’t care at all about this kid.
    With good reason too it would seem! Little shit was hiding in the attic the entire time.
    Contrary to all the laws of physics and the universe, a six year old just managed to beat Kanye’s high score in being a jackass.

  4. OK, so which one of these little monsters pulled the cord while his brother was in the balloon????

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