!! OMG, What a Crazy Dentist! !!

Who knew that Lady Gaga had time to be both a marcher for gay rights and the leader of the “Birther” movement?
But seriously, can I tell you how much I love birther beauty Orly Taitz? Between her fabulous eye-makeup, her kicky Moldavian accent— (isn’t Moldavia that country where everyone from Dynasty was killed?)– and an amazing wig that seems to hover several inches above her head at all times, this woman has gay icon written all over her. Now she’s going above and beyond the call of gay duty by going head to head with Joy Behar. Could Orly be the Liza Minelli of right wing insane people? I think maybe! Someone give this woman a GLAAD award for lifetime fabulousness!

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4 Comments on "OMG, What a Crazy Dentist!"

  1. Well, she has the bleached , blonde look for Fox News.

  2. markus is right. you are just too swell for remembering that reference to dynasty, bmad!
    as ever, i am sucking your phat cawk under the table as you type posts, and most sincerely yours,

  3. You must be an 80s child! Of course they killed off lots of Dynasty cast in Moldavia – a country carefully invented by them, not knowing that it would eventually come into existence, as a region that formerly belonged to Romania and then was stolen by the USSR became independent and didn’t want to become Romanian again.

  4. she’s fab enough that i actually started to believe her..

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