!! OMG, beach combing back: MKS’ video for ‘Flatline’ !!

Superb, now we have a video, giving us the excuse to listen to MKS’ comeback single “Flatline” all over again always every day continuously on repeat non-stop constantly.
Looking like high-end whores on the beach front promenade, parading around looking for kicks and tricks the MKS girls look glamazing, and I don’t even know the filter on that camera but it is totally making Siobhan look all luminous green face, neon-tangerine hairy pendant earring [in a good way]. Keisha’s all twinky-trick beret, lacy spaghetti tank and gold hoops [in a good way], and Mutya, we love that she’s all over-aplique denim-dreaming in the middle there, and she has a tiny angel inside her voice [also in a good way].
O M GIRL, what is that bathing suit housewife babydoll skirt thing Siobhan is donning ? No wonder that Mr babe in the Timberland booties and wideboy denims helps Siobhan off the wall first she is all ‘look-at-me-don’t-look-at-me’, every – blooming – shot.
At this point in the video I stop enjoying it, I get super jealous as I would very much be leaping off the wall crotch first into the head of that Marky Mark [brown version, let’s call him Mark Wallbabe] DENIM DREAMBOAT.
…and then I’m like blinded by my jealous enragement and I start hearing things like “Federline” instead of “Flatline” and now I am thinking “no you do not, you can have that brown MARK WALLBABE but you are not taking my post-Britney TUBBY-HUBBY Kevin Federline, I called dibs on that as soon as he finished squirting babies at Britney, back to Britain with you bitches, back off, you ain’t the Sugababes no more so don’t be snatching OUR SUGABABEBOYS or nothing [in a good way].”
[via WAPS]

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