!! OMG, death drop dead: ‘Little Boy Serves for your Nerves’ !!

This video is called “Little Boy Serves for your Nerves” when really it should be called “Small Brown Angel Serves to Fray your Nerves” because my nerves are just about in tatters when I watch this.
I keep dying [as my friend Max would say] and I can’t even get through the video; before he does his first death-drop I’ve already death dropped to the floor [in the literal dying sense] and I’m dead…and then I wake up and he’s still twirling and whacking in front of my eyes and so I just figure I’m in heaven because this is what an angel would be looking like.
If I owned the oversized trackpants no-shoes look the way sHe’s owning the oversized trackpants no-shoes look I would wear that look to work, to the club, to church, to weddings, ain’t no place I wouldn’t LOOK GOOD IN THAT GOOD LOOK !
[via huffpost]

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