!! OMG, Before She Went Gaga: Lady Gaga on the Sopranos !!

Who knew that before she was wearing dresses made out of porkchops and gyroscope hats, Lady Gaga was just a normal girl who was on the Sopranos? The avant garde chanteuse made a brief appearance as AJ’s friend (Drinking a Coca Cola!) at a pool party.

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5 Comments on "OMG, Before She Went Gaga: Lady Gaga on the Sopranos"

  1. Enough with this fake bitch. Such a poser, makes her very uninteresting and a bit of a liar.

  2. Yeah, having a non-speaking roll on The Soprano’s equates to wealth & popularity.
    Good call Derek…

  3. To all those who are naive enough to think this trick is sooo original, another clue to the clueless that this trick is a created, manufactured puppet….. was never a self made artist who pounded the pavement but just another child actress who happened to have parents with deep pockets to buy her the team she needed to have world wide fame ..yuck!!!!

  4. Amen to that, Derek! Well stated!

  5. Aww, the self-proclaimed abused, poor, maligned youth who had no friends… or is it the Hollywood pop-culture creation who was acting on hit TV shows? She’s so contrived it’s disgusting.

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