!! OMG, bitchy [Mc] Queen!: Ziggy phones Alexander !!

A couple of weeks back we gave you a preview of the ‘David Bowie is…’ exhibition at the V&A, featuring Alexander McQueen’s shiny Union Jack coat from Bowie’s 1997 ‘Earthling’ album cover.
In honor of this, Dazed&Confused dusted off a phone conversation between Bowie and Mcqueen from back in the late 90s whilst Alexander was staying at the country home of friend and muse Isabella Blow.

being arguably the most influential musician and McQueen respectively the most important fashion designer of our time, this interview is well worth a readypoo as Alexander discusses his disdain for the theatre -it “bores [him] shitless”-, walking around the streets in his sister’s bra and getting “the best blowjob ever” from a Parisian aristocrat.

“Bowie: Armani says, ‘Fashion is dead’.?McQueen: Oh, so is he… I mean, God…
Bowie: Now you sound like Versace…
?McQueen: He’s close to dead…the man was a bloody window dresser. What does he know?
Bowie: Do you think that what he’s really saying is that maybe…?
McQueen: He’s lost it…”

What a bitchy [Mc]Queen!

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