!! OMG, Blucas Entertainment: Marc Blucas’ cute-ass’ !!

Riley was to millennial ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ what Cody was to 1990s ‘Baywatch’; the cute blonde one with a baby face and a pair of tits like two baby faces, and not even a month back I rewatched that Buffy episode where there’s that party where Riley and Buffy are having sex for-like-ever whilst downstairs a portal opens to an evil other-world, and I was totally imagining that the vines coming through the woodwork were my green penises and that I was probing for Riley’s hole whilst he’s busy bonking Buffy…
Well I got my wish when I saw these caps from the horror flick ‘Animals’…probe no more VILE PENIS VINES because Marc ‘Riley’ Blucas shows us his BlucAss in this one. Follow the jump to see what the wait was NSFWork worth waiting for.

[via akawilliam]

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17 Comments on "OMG, Blucas Entertainment: Marc Blucas’ cute-ass’"

  1. Such a nice, soft and little butt! I want to feel it from the inside!

  2. bdud, if there were any pretty penis pictures, you mean?

  3. Ah yes! Again all the literary aficionados rear their ugly heads on the posts with cock and bum and kitty cats. Oh how traumatic it must be to read a bit of cheeky writing whilst perusing the high brow intellectualism of naked lads. Seriously ladies….relax!!! If the writing isn’t to your taste then get over it and focus on the pretty penis pictures that you came here for. You will continue to thrive in your one handed journey….don’t fret!!

  4. Hey guys, I said exactly the same on a comment the other day, but my comment was not allowed and so no-one saw it. I agree with Otter and Curt above. I come here out of habit, but now only once every couple of weeks instead of daily like I used to. Duncan, you write juvenile rubbish and you either need to change your style, or go back to writing for 12 year old kids and leave this blog to a more mature adult.

  5. Thank you for giving voice to what I’ve been thinking for months now. This site used to rock. Now reading each post feels like wading through a pool of garbage, usually just to find more garbage at the end. I come here now almost exclusively out of habit.

  6. Sadly, I have to agree the commentors here. I’ve been a fan of the site since 2005 but it definitely has changed a lot where I’ll check in every couple weeks now.
    Fingers crossed the owner reads comments and gives readers what they come for.

  7. I’ve always LOVED “Riley” from Buffy … He has amazing eyes but damn who knew he had such a cute ass … Yummy

  8. Duncan Alexander is literally single-handedly ruining this website. Now every time I come on here, it’s all poorly written, overdone and unfunny caca humor like this post.

  9. yeah, that was the only reason to watch that movie.

  10. It takes me so long to try to even guess at what the fuck you’re trying to say.

  11. @Wtf, Duncan seems to think he’s being clever with his writing. Or maybe whoever runs the site has replaced the limited staff with a link-bot and a random phrase generator. That would be roughly as readable as his writings. I’ve seen no one else who writes like that. I keep hoping they replace him before I get tired of it and stop visiting the site.

  12. WTF, I was thinking the same thing for almost a year now or more. A middle school girl must of gotten a hold of the password to be able to post the verbal shit that gets posted.

  13. Here here Wtf! I can’t understand anything this guy writes anymore. It’s SO ANNOYING!

  14. michaeld89119 | May 29, 2013 at 5:08 pm | Reply

    And Animals is available on Netflix Streaming! YAY! Something to do tonight…

  15. deedle_Dumpling | May 29, 2013 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    Sweet set of cheeks! too bad the female is in there too.

  16. What the fuck are you even talking about? Who writes like this?

  17. The back is nice. Needs more frontal though 😉

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