!! OMG, Busted: Saxby Chambliss staffer is homophobic internet crank !!

Newsflash to readers and commenters: you have an IP address! I know it’s hard to wrap your head around, but it’s a special little number that sort of vaguely identifies your point of origin when you visit a website. When you comment, your IP address is saved with the comment, and the website’s administrator (hey, that’s me!) can get a general idea of where the comment came from. If you happen to be writing from the office of a US Senator, it might say something like: “ISP: US Senate.” Uh-oh, Senate staffers… that means you!
Here’s the exchange that happened yesterday on gay blog Joe.My.God., in the comments of a post about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. :
Well, well, well– it seems that a Saxby Chambliss (R – GA, shocker!) staffer is not only an evil homophobe but a stupid idiot who doesn’t know how the internet works. And it’s your beautiful tax dollars who pay his(?) salary, (American) readers!
[via This is FYF]

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