!! OMG, but without the “°”: Frankskild’s ‘Majestic Mountains’ !!

Swedish duo Love Ojensa and Tim Söderström who are in fact based in Copenhagen, Denmark make up Frankskild, derived from the Swedish word “frånskild” [divorce/detachment] but without the “°” to further enhance it’s meaning!
Enough of that talky nonsense though, their new video for ‘Majestic Mountains’ is taken from the EP of the same name out later in the year. If you likey, also have a listen-hear of their track ‘Shards’ which is available for MPFREE HERE, which means you can play it on your FLIP-PHONE AT THE NUDEY BEACH, not that you won’t get drowned out by those boombox circuit queens but you can hold it right up to ear and they can shut up anyway because it’s not the millennium any more…”LET’S GET SOAKING WET”…oh, erm, never mind.
[via discobelle]

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