!! OMG, can’t wait to watch: “Hunting Season” !!

Based on the real-life confessions of a 20-something gay man in New York City, “Hunting Season” is a new web series that’s been gathering a lot of buzz in anticipation of its September 12 premiere. Alex — the protagonist whose actual blog on Gawker was called “The Great C*ck Hunt” — spends each episode detailing life among his friends, intermingling both his social and sex life. So does that make “Hunting Season” the new “Girls” or what?
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4 Comments on "OMG, can’t wait to watch: “Hunting Season”"

  1. I have actually seen the show and the trailer really doesn’t do the show any justice. The show is funny, fresh and the characters aren’t over the top. Yes the show is much about sex like the series ‘sex and the city’ which is a plus. Another big plus is that there aren’t any hysterical screaming gays in the show 🙂

  2. Why am I completely grossed out by this?

  3. How lame as FCK!! The great C**K hunt??! Wow, where are the smart, driven, classy gays whose worlds dont revolve around random sex???! What about a show of sophisticated gays who dont act like girls and actually have real careers?? Why are gays lately so shallow and slutty???! Im making a career in mass world global eMarketing: lifestyle, entertainment, travel and events 🙂 wheres my reality show??, even if its a lame web series. Lol

  4. Michael Bryan | August 30, 2012 at 3:20 pm | Reply

    *Yawn* – While I applaud someone for being able to get a coherent web series off the ground and onto the Internet and have it possess gay content, do we really need to see a series about 20-something gay boys in Manhattan fucking and fucking and fucking? Let’s hope it’s more than the juvenile trailers shows.

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