!! OMG, caught gay-handed: Jonathan Knight !!

New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight has been snapped canoodling with his now ex-boyfriend in the National Enquirer:

Kyle Wilker, 27, tells the rag Jonathan realized he “preferred guys to girls” after dating Tiffany.

Poor Tiffany…I’d like to say that she has someone in her life, but actually, I think she’s alone now. Sorry.

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5 Comments on "OMG, caught gay-handed: Jonathan Knight"

  1. I don’t get him staying in the closet this long. Its not like he’s gonna draw female fans again. He’s way too old for tweens and under. Grown dudes who are still closeted in 2009 are just so sad.

  2. That was a funny comeback, but Tiffany is definitley not alone.
    She is hotter than ever. She has a man, a son, and a new cd. Check out her myspace profile.

  3. “but actually, I think she’s alone now. Sorry.”
    Got a couple of giggles out of me on that one!

  4. DAMN
    All these years I was hoping his brother was the gay one…

  5. ohlala
    i start to sweat in my nkotb tee

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