!! OMG, CHICK C’EST CHIC : hen ‘saddles’ !!

OK, so apparently ^ THIS ^ is a thing now.
In THIS video, you can discover how it is you dress your chicken:
“So to put a diaper on a chicken [I honestly cannot even believe this]…you wanna keep her fresh [OK, fresh, got it]….cover her poophole [this makes my poophole invert]…blah blah blah so you don’t hurt her”
What do you think this dumpy BATIK-C’EST-CHIC is gonna do to her street-cred? I think if the other chickens see she has that on they will beat the chicken crap out of her ‘poophole’; first off for having to wear a diaper because she keeps shatting herself and secondly,,,because she’s wearing a frigging batik diaper bib dress dungarees apron thingy. Cluck cluck honey, cluck cluck !
Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 10.19.33 PM.png
[via oddity]

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  1. How Flannery O’Connor!

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