!! OMG, contest winner: Autographed Scissor Sisters poster !!

Last week we announced a contest for a very special prize: An autographed large poster of the cover of “Night Work,” the new Scissor Sisters album.
Inspired by the cute PR video of Jake Shears and Adam Lambert “caught” making out, the task was to come up with the title of an imaginary co-written Shears/Lambert song.
We had an overwhelming number of entries for this one. I bring you here the two runners-up…
“Fight Fire With Eyeliner”
“Take Your Mama Out for Your Entertainment”
To view the winning entry (and to see if it was you), head over to this discussion in the !! omg contests !! group at the social club.

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3 Comments on "OMG, contest winner: Autographed Scissor Sisters poster"

  1. Hello, Coke Eyes…

  2. does this guy ever wear a shirt? btw- he shouldn’t.

  3. I hate to be that guy, but they’re not very good. There, I’m a dick. Sorry, y’all.

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