!! OMG, cool off: Cazwell’s ‘Ice Cream Truck’ !!

The video for Cazwell‘s single “Ice Cream Truck” is directed by Marco Ovando and features Caz and a bunch of NYC go-go boys hanging out on steps, in a bedroom, and by the Mister Softee truck while he sings about creamy desserts. There is innuendo aplenty and just as many ass shots. NSFW.

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8 Comments on "OMG, cool off: Cazwell’s ‘Ice Cream Truck’"

  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the goofball in the beginning holding the little toy piano at 0:06
    and spirit fingers at 0:36 with the blue cap

  2. Which “that gay” are you talking about? What is “this” thing that they’re doing too much of? Because I’m ready to move to Brooklyn and find that shitty little apartment full of hot men and throw myself at their chiseled, oiled mercy. I don’t find them “that” gay at all.

  3. how gay is just gay enough, jacob?

  4. awful.. hard to change the soc.view of gays when these few (!!!) gays do this.. im gay but not that gay.. really dont know what 2 say

  5. i am going to marry the guy in the white boxer shorts who does the sexy leg dance. we are going to have 3 kids, buy a mini van, and make frequent trips to capri and maui. we are going to settle down in santa barbara and grow avocados and musk.
    yep, good video. i can dance to it.

  6. Horrible song but the boys are sexy as a f#$%
    I can’t stop watching it.

  7. We all scream for ice cream!

  8. It’s gay, and I love it!

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