!! OMG, his butt: Miles from ‘Work of Art’ !!

Bravo has taken the Project Runway template and applied it to the art world for their new show Work of Art. How successfully? I don’t know because I haven’t seen it, but one thing I do know is this contestant named Miles has a nice butt, and you can see it after the jump (NSFW) as he artfully frames it with his towel.

Click images to enlarge. Download full episode video here (nudity begins at 23:49).
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9 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Miles from ‘Work of Art’"

  1. Who?

  2. I kind of fantasize Miles bottoming for Abdi while watching the show and that right here is good enough to keep me watching till the finale,lol.

  3. gross, nobody needed to see his baby butt. Then again, it looks like his face, hard to tell one from another.

  4. @r0ckmypants
    how can you say that? Trong Nguyen and Judith Braun were already established artist in the NYC scene, but they were eliminated first. Miles is just some hipster graduate brought on for teen female viewers.
    also bravos other show, always make the youngest constant the winner or at least a finalist. Bravos main audience is Teen girls. they also have a show NYC prep that did great ratings and has a second season on the way.

  5. Bravo tries to lure teens to it’s network? Really? Since when? Anyhoo, Miles looks really cute and has a nicely framed butt. I still won’t watch the show. TV is soooo boring. And reality TV is so 2003.
    That last line is just a play on words from something Kevin said in June to me when I was begging for OMG! Blog to add us to their NSFW blog roll. Kevin said blog rolls were so 2003.
    I am happy to report that since Frank added us to the aforementioned blog roll in late June or in July, you guyz have become our #5 referrers out of thousands. OK, out of 100 that e-referrers will allow. #5. And that is no chunk of #2 being #5. By watching for hours on end our Feedjit scroll, we are sending each other lots of traffic. Awesome! Or as you would say around here, OMG! That is what being blog buddies is all about. We are blog buddies, right? We at NPG think so, and it is what we just had stamped on our Christmas cards that we ordered for this year. We ordered 5,000 because they are so cheaper that way, so we hope you feel the same.
    Our #5 referrers. Good for you and you, both of you. Celebrate. Chug a jug or smoke a fatty. Get naked and do a jig. Streak around Times Square. However you wish to celebrate. You deserve it for caving into our pleas to be placed in your NSFW blog roll. Kudos to you for listening to your fans who are fast becoming our visitors and regulars too. Awesome!
    Take care, guyz. Mike

  6. As someone who majored in Art History and minored in Fine Arts in college and now works for an art museum I really enjoy that there is a show that focuses on artist. It’s very entertaining, and while there are those that aren’t so talented in the mix that make for good television, Miles is quite talented and that is why he has won challenges As someone with a trained eye I recognized his abilities. But more important than the merits of the show or Miles artistic abilities…he’s adorable and has the cutest little booty. Thanks for posting. When they showed his butt in the episode I felt they did it just for me and my partner who are not teen girls but do have a crush on Miles and can recognize his many talents.

  7. damn! that made my mouth water! super hot

  8. some guy – Bravo doesn’t care about teen viewers. They pride themselves on having the most affluent and intelligent adult audience of any network; teenagers don’t fit that description. If anything, they’re appealing to their large gay audience with Miles, not teens.

  9. i have watch the show, its terrible, those always make miles the winner because he appeals to those young teen viewers that bravo finds so vital.

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