!! OMG, Could it be Ben Affleck? !!

So last night I got the following e-mail from a reader named Nick:

Hi! Love the blog, read it a lot. Today my friend asked me if I had seen the Ben Affleck jerk off video. I LOVE Ben Affleck and think he’s gorgeous, so I was
freaking out. I googled and all I could find were people discussing it and saying
that it was definitely real/not fake. Can you please try to find it and post it? I’m
desperate to see it!!! Lol thanks!! Keep up the awesome work with the site.

A few minutes later he followed up with this:

So I just E-mailed you asking you to find the video of Ben Affleck jerking off.
Right after I sent it, my friend found it and showed me. I can’t tell if it’s really him or not!!

Anyway, I’m 99% sure this video is NOT of Ben Affleck. Cause, like, isn’t Ben Affleck basically fat and old these days? (The video quality looks too high for it to be an old video.)
I’m also a little suspicious that the “reader” tips came from the porn site that’s hosting the video? But whatever, it’s hot. If you want to see a jerk-off video of a porn star who looks kinda like Ben Affleck, by all means watch it after the jump (NSFW)!

Nick, whoever you are, thanks for the tip!

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25 Comments on "OMG, Could it be Ben Affleck?"

  1. Ben Affleck has a cleft chin. 😐

  2. I also took a close look to his dick, and he is circumcised ! Not only because he is Jewish, also because almost all US males are cut1

  3. Don’t know if it is, but a fun fantasy.

  4. I have 2 pieces of proof it is him …
    In both the video and real life he has a mole:
    1) above and to the left of nipple on his right pec.
    2) a mole right above his belly-button.
    Check it out 🙂

  5. Ben Affleck has a small mole on his left cheek (face, not butt) below his left eye. He sometimes covers with make-up, but it is still visible. This guy has no mole. But gr8 look-alike.

  6. hey did dominic monaghan really have a sexx scandel and if so can you post pleas???

  7. Look to his hands. (I know, it’s difficult) Can anyone match this hand to another picture?

  8. I don’t understand why this is “news” all of a sudden. This video is several years old! I have had it on my harddrive since 2006, and it is apparently even older than that. So, why are people talking about it now?

  9. Yea thats him i remember when it surfaced years ago when everybody started coming up with sex tapes and pictures and all that stuff.He admitted there was a video out there of him doing naughty things lol.Ill try to find the confession for you guys.

  10. its not him lol. ive had this vid for a long time and i emailed it to my cousin jennifer garner one day asking her if it was really him. she was like omg it looks like him but no it isnt joey

  11. Yup definitely not him.

  12. I’m so happy to see that my email/tip made it on the site hahaha. I’m definitely not affiliated with that site at all, and am really disappointed that it’s not him. I was mad at my friend for assuring me that it without a doubt, was Ben Affleck. Sorry guys… 🙁

  13. OK, I admit to a degree of shallowness, but Please! I don’t care if it is not Ben, I can always fantasize!

  14. They seem to have re-opened and updated the site (it was closed last time I looked ages ago)and his video is on page 2 of the tour page…Ben is a Quebecker with an adorable French accent,and another bi-curious anal virgin!An enthusiastic snowboarder with deep,dark brown eyes and a classically handsome face,beautiful Ben is going to make some lucky fellow a VERY happy cherry popper one of these days.Ben looks like the mad scientist’s crossing of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck! …Oh and it says 13 videos of himbut the files are split into 6 or 7 downloads,so only 2 actual videos exist.

  15. Anon, I was not able to find this ever posted on OMG Blog before. Do you have a link?

  16. What about this? Posted on this site aaaaages ago…

  17. This clip is several years old. I don’t remember the specifics, but when it was originally making the rounds of internet sites, the actual model in the video was identified on several forums and it was definitely not Ben Affleck although he does have a cursory resemblance.

  18. He only looks like BA in the profile. Whenever his face turns toward the camera, the illusion. Also, that guy is clearly not as tall (or as someone else pointed out, as hairy). Still, good looking guy and a nice vid.

  19. @Alex in Boston: Ben Affleck has a tattoo of a cross on his shoulder, how many Jewish people do you know with that kind of tat? Haha.

  20. It’s from a site called Bedfellows from around 2000 to 2002.I dated a guy (in Toronto)who did 3 online shows for them at that time…and sorry guys,it isn’t Ben.The video surfaces every now and then and the rumor starts up all over : ) I probably still have the original download somewhere but am too lazy to look for it and find his name!

  21. Sorry about that! Link is fixed now.

  22. A close examination of the penis in this video will clearly show this dude is UnCircumsized… Ben Affleck is Jewish! Case closed!

  23. Ben Affleck is much more HAIRY. I used to be his stylist. This is not him.

  24. WTF? I click on the link and it’s not there, just a page saying “address not found”! Dammit, now my penis is disappointed!

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