!! OMG, vote him off: ‘Big Brother’ homophobe !!

Our buddies at Made In Brazil gave us the heads up to an important reality television issue. Homophobic contestant Marcelo Dourado is up for elimination on Big Brother Brazil and the audience can decide if he goes home.
Some of his most memorable moments include him wishing he could beat up a lesbian contestant in the house, and talking about how HIV can only be spread by gay people.
Click here to vote off Dourado.

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3 Comments on "OMG, vote him off: ‘Big Brother’ homophobe"

  1. I’m from Brazil and I can tell, HE IS A HOMOPHOBE!
    Thanks OMG for helping us on this cause!
    Let’s vote!

  2. Maybe he’s not really a homophobe. Maybe he is just uninformed and educated about STD’s. And come on, haven’t we all met a lesbian we wanted to punch in the face at some point or another?

  3. lmao, it’s a hoax, dumbass

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