!! OMG, did Marcus kiss Charlie? !!

The man-on-man action is heating up on Survivor: Gabon. First sexy doctor Marcus Lehman’s penis slipped out of his shorts on the season premiere, now the bromance between Marcus and flagrant gay Charlie Herschel seems to be evolving. In last night’s episode, Marcus appeared to give Charlie an affectionate kiss/nibble on the shoulder.
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9 Comments on "OMG, did Marcus kiss Charlie?"

  1. How sweet.

  2. it was fruit from the last challenge you idiots.

  3. I’m with bmad…it was a chunk of fruit from the comp that was clinging to Charlie. Gawd…to be the fruit that Marcus ate

  4. he is totally eating a piece of FRUIT off of his shoulder! it may no be a KISS but it’s still very romantico.

  5. It totally looked like a love nibble/sexual bite when I saw it on TV. Charlie is definitely setting himself up for a big fall in all of this because Marcus can’t help but use it to his advantage later – after all, he’s very smart. I do think that Marcus is more gay or bi (bi now gay later) than he has been willing to state on TV.

  6. lol…..when i saw that last nite i thought he bit him.

  7. No clip? It really would be a lot easier to tell if there’s a video or somethin’…
    What exactly is a “gay way” to sneeze anyway?

  8. I think these guys are so cute, but Im worried that Charlie is (in the words of Jerri Blank) “carrying all his eggs in one fragile basket”

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