!! OMG, dirty dancers: High school jocks !!

These two boys were removed from a school dance after “dirty dancing” with girls, and the above clip, from a new show called The Principal’s Office, shows the boys trying to demonstrate to the principal (on each other) exactly what they were doing with the girls. There is an adult movie idea in here somewhere, I know it. (via Gawker via Feyfriends)

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11 Comments on "OMG, dirty dancers: High school jocks"

  1. rofl at the choice of music…

  2. The principle isn’t that old, maybe he’s a right wing religious freak underneath, who knows. Sounds like nothing wrong at all happened, just good times. It’s hopeful seeing the two young men understand the nonsense in this, as long as they’re using gay inneundo as a real option rather than “OK, if we can’t do something we want that’s really OK, we’ll do something that’s really weird and stupid like pretend gay.” I think what we saw was somewhat both. At least they looked very comfortable with each other and sort of enjoyed it. They’d make a nice couple 🙂

  3. that one did not hesitate when the other said “you be the girl.” Haha.

  4. I cant believe the principal thought these two would go on to be a good example of what was OK at a dance. LOL!
    Theres the plot of a porno movie in there someplace…

  5. “This is so appropriate right now.”
    That was awesome.

  6. it was funny i will probably watch this show. not too mention the guys were very sexy couldn’t decide which one i liked more 🙂

  7. aha i seen this when it was on i was like mmmmmmmmmmmm giiirl

  8. They are kinda my heroes. They didn’t take it over the line, but clearly pointed out how ridiculous this principal was being.
    I say teen sex with two layers of denim between partners is the safest sex you can have. Exhibitionist tendencies aside, it’s heathier to have a discussion about why grinding is attractive (sex ed, anyone?) than to ban it outright.

  9. Funniest thing I’ve seen so far today, although since they knew they were being filmed its pseudo-real at best. Loved the holding hands when they left, hints at a way to get a reaction. What, you don’t want guys touching girls at all when we dance (except hand on hand which doesn’t count)? Then what they could do is start dancing with other guys, holding hands, stuff like that. Freak out the homophobes, and when people complain be like “well the principal warned us away from girls so we’re just hanging with each other.” Somehow I doubt many schools are cool enough to dare that for long tho.

  10. Um. That is hilarious.

  11. LOL, that was the funniest thing ever. I feel so sorry for the principal having to deal with that level of stupid. But at the same time, it’s kinda hot!

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