!! OMG, Dirty Dancing Gets Dirtier With “The Ass Lick” !!

So the Brazilians have invented a great new dance called the Surra de Bunda. That means ass lick and while that sounds provocative enough on its own, there is no ass-licking in the actual dance, which seems to involve slamming your butt really hard against another person’s face. While the above demonstration video involves straight people, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the gay version gains popularity! Start your stopwatches!
[Via Gawker]

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5 Comments on "OMG, Dirty Dancing Gets Dirtier With “The Ass Lick”"

  1. Does this involve eating the poo-poo? Is it going to be shown in churches across Uganda?

  2. Sorry for the error! That’ll teach me to take Gawker’s word for it!

  3. Hi…I’m brazilian, and I have to say that Surra de Bunda doesn’t mean Ass Lick at all. Surra is a word for beat(like in a fight). It’s like when you’ve been a lot, we say you’ve taken a “surra”. So, you’re right about the slamming. And Bunda I think everybody knows that means Ass. So yeah, I think it could be translated like Ass Slamming.
    And PLEASE. Don’t you guys think this a common thing that everybody does here. It’s just some more slut thing from the Funk (obviously from the shit Rio de Janeiro)
    That’s it…love the blog…and sorry for some errors.

  4. It doesn’t mean ass lick, but ass beating, look how she beats him with her ass.
    Right now i’m soo proud of being Brazilian…

  5. Surra de Bunda actually means Ass Slamming, not as Ass Licking.
    Brazil are not proud of funk carioca, by the way.

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