!! OMG, He’s Naked: Ronnie Kroell !!

Ronnie Kroell.jpg
Boyishly hunky blond Ronnie Kroell from Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel has been promising to get naked for Playgirl for months now– and he’s finally put his… er… money where his… um… mouth is. Unlike the undoubtedly needledicked Levi Johnston, Ronnie has gone full monty for real, legs akimbo and peen swinging proudly! The very NSFW pics are after the jump…
[Via Tabloidprodigy]

UPDATE: Unfortunately Playgirl asked us to remove the photos and we had to comply. Go pick up a copy of the issue if you’d like to see Ronnie in his full glory.

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22 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Ronnie Kroell"

  1. did anyone save the pics i really wanna see em

  2. Rock Your Soul | June 9, 2010 at 3:47 pm | Reply

    I met Ronny about 3-4 years ago for a fundraising event to his non profit organization in Chicago. He blew me away with his charisma and his sensibility in dealing with issues that we think guys like him don’t pay attention to. We spoke in length about our childhoods and being raised in different parts of the world. He was engaging and authentic. He is beautiful in the out side, indeed — but he is even more beautiful and impressive from the inside.

  3. I wonder if these “size queens” have ever actually seen a real penis…seriously. Like have they ever touched a soft penis and watched it grow to it’s beautiful full erect size? Who cares what is looks like soft, it’s clear that his hard tool is juicy and thick. (and most importantly, NOT manscaped)

  4. NOW that’s what I’m talking bout!!! 😀 😀 A real man, with a goregous cock! If only I had a man like that, a non shy, beautiful man!
    Be Proud of what you have!!!

  5. I’m also a professional retoucher…of myself! 🙂

  6. For those that are saying he’s ugly, has a tiny dick, and everything else…sod off! This man if hot!!!! You wish you could have something like this!
    His cock is beautful…just like him! These pix turned out gr8! I lvoe the cut cock as well….yumy! He looks like he’s been sweating! So hot!

  7. Very nice… but he needs to close his mouth! Every single picture has that same amount of extension on his jaw, which is very distracting.

  8. OMFG…..he is one beautiful man, inside and out!! Perfect!

  9. The people saying he has a small penis probably haven’t even had a penis in years and have a tiny one themselves. Grow up, he looks good and I like regular guys over manicured starving airbrushed with useless donkey dicks. The size queens will never be happy.

  10. Jesus, the people commenting on penis size need to leave their houses once in a while, turn off the gay porn, and meet some regular men. Not everyone has a freakish 9 inch dick! Get over it!
    Not sure I’m a fan of Ronnie’s brooding, hairy look – but I don’t think I’d turn him out of my bed.
    Thanks for posting the pictures!

  11. He is Hotter Than Ever…
    Am I the only one who’s not really concerned about cock size?

  12. Omfg all I got to say

  13. I like Ronnie, but the package isn’t really worth showing off. He get’s cred for being open, but, seems like he’s trying to keep the ball rollin’ on his suedo-fame. This won’t do it.

  14. chile grande | June 8, 2010 at 6:20 pm | Reply

    I’m a professional penis watcher and I don’t see signs of retouching either…

  15. Good for you Ronnie!! Don’t hate, congratulate. Quit being bitter!

  16. WTF!!! HE could have saved us the drama and kept this TINY….CROOKED….PALE think in his pants! And he is NOT goodlooking at all! But here comes the desperate gay men saying” HE IS SO GOODLOOKING……I HAVE NEVER SEEN A GUYS THAT IS MOR HOT IN MY LIFE” etc

  17. Hot, I’m a professional retoucher and I don’t see signs of retouching, he just had a different level of erection.

  18. Hi think Ronnie is hot and has a great piece! I love to have some of Ronnie’s DICK

  19. his penis looks weird in the first shot,
    but he is hot!

  20. needledicked? Give Levi a break. I am sure he is more than adequate. I admit I would liked to have seen the peen in his Playgirl spread, but no doubt he had his (genuine) reasons for not baring all.

  21. There is no way the penis from picture 1 and picture 3 is the same one. #3 has to be edited. Take another look…

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