!! OMG, discuss: The Britney ‘Glee’ episode !!

Some friends and I were just revisiting the hard-dancing hotness of Britney Spears in the “Slave 4 U” video at a house party the other night, and so it was extra weird this Sunday to see Glee‘s Heather Morris taking us back to the days when you could pour water down the trough of Britney’s lower back. She put in a few incredible performances, one of which you can watch above.
Is Heather the break-out star of the season? Discuss it on the Glee Britney episode thread over at !! omg social club !! (free sign-up takes less than a minute).
Just for fun, watch the original “Slave 4 U” video after the jump.

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3 Comments on "OMG, discuss: The Britney ‘Glee’ episode"

  1. Greggie: I enjoyed this one VASTLY more than any of the last episodes, even from the first season. I don’t really care about the storyline, because there is nothing inherently clever about their soap opera storylines that push their characters into incredibly awkward dramatic moments that only rarely work (besides squirmy arguing scenes between Mr. Schuester, think about the pushing-it relevance of using “Poker Face” for the duet between Rachel and her mom). The show is about singing, dancing, running gags and one-liners (to me, anyway). They should stick with that, since they can’t write dramatic dialogue to save themselves.

  2. Okay…I need to make it a point to read entire posts. So, all the comments are on the thread, huh?

  3. I’m surprised I’m the first to comment! Umm…I LOVED the episode. So many friends on FBook think it was awful, and I just don’t understand why! They’re commenting that there was no substance to the episode and that it didn’t continue any story-line. All sit-coms occasionally have episodes that “don’t go anywhere.” Anyway, it did, at least, continue Artie’s story-line of his wanting to play on the football team to get Tina back. Not that it was needed in my opinion. Brittany playing Britney was enough for me, because she was awesome.

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