!! OMG, He Quits: Brad Goreski !!

Nooooo! Rachel Zoe’s pet fop-moppet, Brad Goreski, has finally fled the bony embrace of Ms. Zoe! Brad, known for both his bow-ties and a highly boner-worthy Terry Richardson photoshoot earlier this year, has resigned as Zoe’s “Style Director”– coincidentally just after the airing of the season finale of Zoe’s reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project, of which he was kinda the star. Those paying attention will note that this is Zoe’s second assistant to leave the company recently. Much of the drama on The Rachel Zoe Project this year revolved around the mysterious ouster of Taylor Jacobsen, Brad’s predecessor. While Jacobsen’s exit was clouded in controversy, Goreski’s departure from the company (and show) is supposedly an amicable one.

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2 Comments on "OMG, He Quits: Brad Goreski"

  1. This was a mistake. He’s doesn’t have the work ethic to succeed.

  2. I for one am so happy. I saw two episodes of this inane show and came away with 2 conclusions. 1.) Zoe is so non talented and such a drama queen she shouldn’t even be recognized with a TV show and 2.) Brad is a flaming little child who has no idea what he’s doing, is disorganized, a flaming idiot who simply makes himself look like a crying, insufferable, stero-typical gay man. Just embarrassing. riddence to him and I can only hope it will soon be goodbye to Zoe. Totally useless people.

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