!! OMG, don’t do it: Ben & Jerry’s Breast Milk !!

PETA (who else?) are asking Ben & Jerry’s to produce their ice cream using human breast milk rather than cow’s milk. This request comes after a Swiss chef began using human breast milk in his restaurant for all of his dairy dishes.

The breast is best! Won’t you give cows and their babies a break and our health a boost by switching from cow’s milk to breast milk in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?

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10 Comments on "OMG, don’t do it: Ben & Jerry’s Breast Milk"

  1. Well, you also get several different types of bacterium from cows milk that you would not get from Human Milk.. and im SUREEE that the HIV screening process would be in place, but wait… since pasteurization doesn’t even kill some of the most basic stuff that is in milk, then we are all doomed. Guess freezee pops it is!!!!

  2. peta lost its collective mind some time ago, and needs to just go away. they do very little good in the world.

  3. i condone peta in everything they do.
    and their campaigns are supposed to be tasteless, to show tht everyone can make a difference, by doing simple things.

  4. IS PETA FRICKING KIDDING??….YUK….NO THANKS!! I know as babies, we humans drink breast milk and that is all healthy, good and cool!! But drinking breast milk as an adult…..to me there is something cannabilistic about that!!! The whole idea of that just creeps me out!!! And this is not an “anti-female” thing on my part either!! I love my mother dearly and she is the best mother in the world, but i don’t want to drink her breast milk now that i am an adult!! and i definitely don’t want breast milk from someone i don’t know…..

  5. What the PETA morons don’t mention is you can get HIV from human breast milk…can’t get it from a cow!

  6. Well, as someone that not only has worked as a PETA campaigns coordinator, but also as someone that cares about animals– I can truly say what happens to these animals is this stuff of nightmares. If the tactics are not there to keep the stories alive in the media, then the media far from covers the truth of what happens to the cows that are used in milk production: mother cows are impregnated in “rape crates”, they suffer mastitis, they never get to see their young, and the baby cows are used in veal production. Not to mention that milk is laden with hormones, pus, pesticides, and other things that are harmful to humans which in many cases escape the pasteurization process. Yeah, the image is out there.. but when people ignore the truth, sometimes ya gotta be in their faces about it. 🙂

  7. i don’t know how anyone takes peta seriously anymore…sure, they have valid opinions, but they act like fucking douche bags to get their points across and just end up annoying everybody.

  8. PETA is a terrorist organization that does more harm to animal rights than good. Its campaigns are tasteless and more offensive than eating meat or drinking milk could ever be. DOWN WITH PETA!!!

  9. the thought of it, GAGS ME!!

  10. Why not just use soy or rice milk? Isn’t that really the healthiest option?

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