10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ryan Kwanten"

  1. I think that it’s in his HBO contract for “True Blood”, that he must be NUDE in a scene, cause every show so far, he’s had his clothes off…AND THAT’S NO COMPLAINT MAN!! wow!! luv those aussie boyz!

  2. You should post the other pics of Ryan from last Sunday night’s True Blood…the pics of him in his underware with a very prominent “bulge” showing his manhood clearly in definition.


  4. OMG when I saw the Ryan Kwanten naked.. I was like OMG he was so hot in Home and Away.. (tv show in Aussie where he begin his career.) He is so hot!

  5. i’ve always thought he was hot, when he used to be on our australian tv show home and away i used to love that show

  6. wow he is gorgeous.

  7. is it just me or is that his dick hanging between his legs in the second pic?

  8. Hot! I’ve been wondering if there were any pics floating around of Ryan ever since seeing him on “True Blood” a couple of weeks ago. His bare ass does make quite an indelible impression. Now, when will someone post a pic of that uncut Aussie dick of his>

  9. I have had the hots for this guy ever since I saw him in DEAD SILENCE! Thanks for the pics. It only confirms what I had already suspected. This dude’s for me.

  10. that’s just nice to look at : )

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