!! OMG, don’t spin your kids: New Zealand !!

What the hell is going on down in New Zealand? While the world was worrying about Iraq and Global Warming nobody thought to check in on New Zealand, who apparently is picking up some bad drinking habits from Australia. Does this happen often down there? It would explain Lucy Lawless.
Thanks Kevy!

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3 Comments on "OMG, don’t spin your kids: New Zealand"

  1. I remember this ad! The anti-drinking ads in NZ can get PRETTY graphic. Many nightmares have been suffered after watching the dont-drink-and-drive PSAs.

  2. That is an advertising for people who like to blame alcohol.. Like the message says, it is not the drink, it is how we drink.. I yet to see anybody do that.. I am born and bred New Zealander.. Because just one advertising, it doesn’t mean anything.. That man was drunk and seeing the child get hurt surely make the alcoholic people try to seek help before it comes to that.. And I must say it is working.. New Zealand is a great country.. I have lived in USA for a year, but nothing beats NZ.. no wild animals, the serious one is spider which can cause few days illness.. no wars here.. pretty safe except few alcoholics.. So, do come over if you want to 🙂

  3. I would let him spin me round round.

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