!! OMG, they’re naked: People !!

The website NAKED-PEOPLE.DE showcases average people wearing clothes that slowly (at first almost imperceptibly) disappear after you click on the picture. They’re just normals but it’s interesting to see them clothed and unclothed. See a couple after the jump.
Thanks to John the Philistine for the tip!

Click image to enlarge:
I don’t know why she has her boots on still…

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9 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: People"

  1. I could care less about the lack of hair on the guys above. Just go to the site these pictures come from and you’ll see something truly unattractive. Whew. There is one grossly overweight man who about made me lose my lunch. What the hell is the purpose of this site anyway? To show how ugly the average human body is? I already knew that.

  2. i’m a little confused… why are all the guys shaved clean?

  3. amen, brother ! stop with the shaving off the pubes ! why does any man want to be feminized and infantalized in that way ?? it is NOT sexy.

  4. I love sites like this! Does anyone know any others?

  5. German men don’t have hair on their chest, balls or legs? They’re almost neutered.

  6. I love that they are just average Joes, check that, slight hot messes from Germany.

  7. Can someone please explain the need for men to take off all thier pubic hair? Light trimming is alright, but going Brazilian is just plain GROSS!..nothing masculine about it.

  8. They are hairless from the neck down like barbie dolls.

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