!! OMG, Drunk Crossdressing 4-year-old Steals Christmas Presents! !!

A Christmas story for the ages– a 4-year-old tot gets drunk, steals Christmas presents, and is discovered stumbling down the street in a dress! WHY? The yuletidey answer will touch you heart. It’s basically like The GIft of the Magi, except totally better.

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3 Comments on "OMG, Drunk Crossdressing 4-year-old Steals Christmas Presents!"

  1. HOW COULD YOU GO ON TV AFTER THIS!? If I didn’t die of shame I would of became one of those recluses that never leave the house or even open the curtains….

  2. I’ll bet the kid looked better in the dress than that newscaster looked in her own outfit.

  3. Poor kid. A gay, alcoholic felon and he hasn’t even hit kindergarten yet.

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