!! OMG, He’s Naked: Miguel Cotto !!

Hey, see if you can spot welterweight boxer Miguel Cotto’s balls in the screencaps of his post-workout shower-session from HBO’s 24/7 documentary…
The NSFW pics after the jump.


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11 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Miguel Cotto"

  1. *shrug* I guess I can see both sides of this.
    Maybe if it had been billed OMG his Butt! it would be less disappointing.
    I mean, yeah, he’s literally naked, but you can see his legs and chest when he’s fighting, so that’s nothing new or rare, and you can’t see the goods, either, so lets just focus on the part that we can see that we wouldn’t normally.
    Save “naked” for frontal nudity. I think you had agreed to do so last year last time this debate came up.
    In any case, I’m not going to complain b/c it takes me like 2 minutes to get the email or rss notification that someone is unclothed, and check it out, and go on with my life.
    Even if it is somewhat disappointing, it didn’t really cost me anything valuable. It’s not like trawling the BBS for binary porn back in the day.
    Beats hunting this stuff down myself. And the quirky stuff is often things I wouldn’t have found out otherwise, even if I can’t exactly share it on facebook b/c of the source. Let’s not bash OMGblog too hard, huh?

  2. What I find humorous is that people are implying I’m a perv when it’s clearly the other way around. I’m saying if you must do naked posts, make them jaw droppingly surprising/titillating. Websites like The Celeb Archive already have half the pics you post on here. I’m not requesting more porn but saying if you must, at least make it something memorable. Sorry all of you who need this site to get off. Sorry to interrupt the loneliness of your lives with a request for more entertainment.

  3. Bmad, please please please fill the gaping hole in my sex life and feed my insatiable (but totally impoverished) erotic imagination with an endless supply of high-qual celebrity nudes because I am a O_O – faced homosexual pornpig with nothing better going on for myself, please thanks! xo

  4. Ty:
    I have read this blog every day or so since I discovered it a couple of editors ago but have never commented on this or any site until your post inspired me to do so today. There are plenty of places on the internet to find hard, throbbing, drippy cocks or random people if that’s what you need to be entertained. I look at those, too, and if you are having trouble finding them, I will send you some links for your one-handed surfing. What I appreciate about this site, however, is that we see “mainstream” people – athletes, actors, celebs, etc – in an unclothed state we would ordinarily miss. I for one will take less “revelation” and a few cat pics for the opportunity to see those types of people that way. Perhaps you could find and offer to the blogger some of material you would like to see posted rather than just offering your hollow criticisms. Thanks, Bmad for your efforts, whoever and wherever you are. Happy Holidays.

  5. gotta agree w/ ty. the “omg he’s naked posts” have really become disappointing lately.

  6. Sounds great. Except I’m more of a Bruce Willis guy than an Ashton Kutcher one. Alls I’m saying is when we only have 4 or 5 posts a day, we can contribute them to something must better than an obscure ballsack. Doesn’t have to be balls at all; the internet is full of crazy/disturbing and hilarious things, as we’ve noted in your other posts.

  7. oh, hold on, let me find my magic wand so i can conjure up ashton kutcher’s giant, unobstructed cock for you!

  8. Bmad,
    The “he’s naked” entries have really been disappointing lately. Please, please, please post some where you don’t need have to lean yourself at unnatural angles with a magnifying glass just to see a sliver of scrot.
    We have all the internet to use for naked people. Please make these juicy–or just stick to cat videos and divas.

  9. WOW… I could eat that ass for days and days. Beautiful.

  10. lol hardly. but he does have a nice ass!

  11. That ass is a thing of beauty.

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