2 Comments on "OMG, Dubai loves Butt"

  1. He could just hop on over to the nearest American Apparel store to pick up a new copy >> https://omg.blog/2009/01/omg_theyre_in_trouble_american.php
    @ John – His final destination was not Dubai. He was not travelling through the country. He ws there because it was a layover for his flight.
    Given his final destination was not a muslim country – he probably did not think he had to worry about his magazine.

  2. What the hell was he traveling through a Muslim country for with a magazine of that nature? and by nature I mean gay? Their guidelines specifically prohibit ANY pornography, gay or straight OR any references to a gay lifestyle even if the magazine ISN’T porn.
    This rule has been on the books for YEARS, people travelling to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar, ETC ETC ETC.. should already know this. People who are sent to work there are explicitly warned NOT to bring magazines or books of this nature and yet Brendan decides he’s immune to a countries rules?
    I don’t understand how people can be so oblivious to another countries customs, it’s Western arrogance. And I am a white man from Los Angeles..I just don’t travel the world oblivious to things that might get me arrested and thrown into jail, he’s LUCKY they didn’t, they are allowed to detain people for this.

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