!! OMG Editorial: No More Betty White !!

ENOUGH! Dear Betty White, I’m sure you’re a nice lady and pretty amusing too, but I never want to see your face on my teevee again. We get it, we get it, you’re old, you show up and say something halfway unexpected coming from an old lady, and dullards everywhere laugh as if it’s a new joke even though you’ve basically been doing it since 1972.
I know it’s not your fault that this perennial and hacky gag has somehow become a mini-industry all of its own in the last year. If I were you I’d be taking advantage, too. But it’s time to hobble off to retirement.
— The OMG Editorial Board

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42 Comments on "OMG Editorial: No More Betty White"

  1. Come to think of it, this blog has become VERY uninteresting lately. Bmad, you should concentrate on your own lack of creativity before even using Betty White’s name in one of your witless entries. Betty has more natural talent in her little finger than you will EVER have. I seldom read this blog anymore, it’s turned catty and dull. Shame, it used to be very entertaining.

  2. Oh, by the way- not regarding Betty White or this article specifically, but you have to know how stupid the retort “everyone I know agrees with me” is to any argument. I don’t suppose it’s occurred to you that people tend to hang out with people who have similar views? Or that sometimes people might humor you so that you can get off the subject?
    Guess I’ll have contribute to Sarah Palin’s PAC- after all, my uncle told me that everyone he knows agrees with him that she’d be a swell president.

  3. People really seem to be having a tough time remembering that Betty White is an ACTRESS. She isn’t a comedy writer, she never was a standup. Her job is to deliver the lines she’s given in a funny manner. Is what she’s been given “sharp?” Maybe not, but what exactly does “Alessio” want her to be doing? Sarah Silverman’s schtick? A Wanda Sykes routine? Silverman may be “sharp,” but the problem is HER act is old, too- and she hasn’t demonstrated the range that Betty White has. I am sincerely curious about what sort of edgy material you think should be written for her. Nobody should have to retire unless she can’t do her job- and whether the material is crappy or not, White actually has the skill and timing to get a laugh out of it. To my mind, that beats, say, the cast of, say, “The Rules of Engagement,” or SNL.
    And Bmad- your defense is lame. If that’s what you meant, that’s what you should have written. Instead you insisted that someone should retire because you’re tired of seeing her. I have a better idea- turn the channel and avoid romantic comedies. Meanwhile, I look forward to your panning “Shit My Dad Says” before it airs so that you can tell William Shatner to shuffle off to Buffalo, too.

  4. Betty is a treasure, no doubt. Never tire of her. My attention span has lasted at least 30 years with her. I’ll be watching and enjoying until she can’t do it anymore…then I ‘ll watch old MTM episodes.

  5. Betty’s routine is worn out. Every time she is on TV it’s the same old stuff. If she got new writers it may help. Otherwise she should call it quits.

  6. everyone hates you Bmad. Go away.

  7. OMG started to suck when Bmad joined. Thus why I’ve stopped watching it that much anymore.

  8. I have loved Betty White since “The Golden Girls”, but I kinda see the point The OMG Editorial Board were TRYING to make. Problem is, the gun was pointed at the wrong target. Instead of calling for her to “go away”, you should have been calling for better writers, producers etc. BW is very funny and talented but “Hot In Cleveland” is SHIT! People only champion it because it’s four single middle aged women so that somehow makes it so ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘innovative’. BW deserves MUCH better scripts and TV shows than HIC. In fact, ALL of them do.

  9. I think there’s a much more disturbing undertone. Who is good enough to take her place in history? Lets enjoy BW all we can while we can. Sole survivor of the Golden Girls. I can’t get enough. She makes me laugh out loud…seriously.
    If you don’t have a problem with her acting, why suggest she hobble off into retirement. Please!

  10. Sure, go Betty for beating the odds and bucking the trends and staying in the game and making bank etc etc. But seriously? This isn’t sharp humor. Betty White is playing Betty White the character right now, as written and marketed by people who know that she is a hot commodity. I’m sure there is also a lot of respect for her in Hollywood, just as there is obviously respect for her among us users, but her image and yes, her shtick, is a trend right now. I’m not complaining about BW herself, just the fucking marketing machine that thinks she’s the new way to sell ANYTHING. It’s grating and demeaning to us, as consumers. There.

  11. my fatigue has nothing to do with Ms. White’s skills, which are formidable, or personal qualities which, hell, who knows, and everything to do with the hacky writers and filmmakers who have trotted her out for every romcom in the last year just to provide a string of identically idiotic tags for the stupid previews. (“I’m also on The Twitter!”) If she was cast in anything even marginally new or interesting i would be the first to applaud. But don’t let me piss all over everyone’s outrage– carry on with canceling your subscriptions!

  12. Then you know shit!

  13. So, appreciating someone who has actual comic timing, and being impressed with an elderly woman who can keep up with people a quarter of her age, makes me a “dullard.” Good to know. Clearly it’s time for her to get off your teevee since there are so many great talents like Katherine Heigl or Snooki waiting to take her place…
    I sincerely hope you are never in a position of responsibility for older people, since they obviously upset you so. Did Gramma once molest you or something?

  14. While it’s a shame that older actresses can’t get interesting roles because of ageist attitudes in Hollywood, most of her schtick really isn’t that funny. Good for her for riding the wave and keeping busy, but I really don’t get why everyone is so enamored and why, just because she is old, she should be immune to bad reviews. Now THAT’s ageist!

  15. You are an ASS! OMG has been just off for a while now.

  16. OMG! I thought you guys were beginning to suck, and OMG, now you’ve proven it.
    Most people are here for ass & Penis so keep it real. I stopped going to Perez Hilton because I realized he’s a biased fat *uck…Hmmmm. OMG, omgblog.com

  17. Wow, I thought this post was really mean. And, it surprised me – I’ve followed OMG for years now and I find it a great source of news on a variety of topics. And, while some other posts may have been ‘off’, they were directed at a topic that probably deserved it. But to diss one of the few older icons who is still around is quite harsh.

  18. I love her! I am not tired of Betty. I used to watch Betty and her late husband Allen Ludden on Password game show since I was in the second grade. It was in 1963. I am glad she is on TV Land Hot In Cleveland. I love the show.

  19. This post is pretty whiny sounding, and it irritated me to read it and I’m not even that big of a fan of Betty’s. However, the fact that she’s earned an Emmy in the past year and has experienced this type of career resurgence this late in life shows this is no fluke.
    Get over yourselves, Editorial Board, and instead of urging others to go away, perhaps you should just hope for this blog to be relevant someday. Sure it’s fun to read, but come on, who cares what you guys think?

  20. I did! But I’m right, so who cares? (Everyone I know agrees with me.)

  21. Wow… you had to know you were going to get backlash for this.

  22. Betty White is an American treasure. And I would love to see you doing as much as she does when you’re her age, or any one for that matter. Betty is funny, she’s open-minded, she’s a very kind person and the fact that she’s been able to keep relevant after all this time and still has a LOT of fans says something about her as a performer and person.
    You my good sir are a jealous bitch!

  23. Wow BMad, you’ve posted some items that just weren’t for me and I didn’t find them interesting, which is fine because everyone’s tastes are different, but I can’t recall you ever posting something so insanely rude, stupid, and ignorant.

  24. Betty White has managed to remain relevant in an industry that discards women of a certain age. Personally, I find her schtick refreshing.

  25. Dearest BMAD,
    True she is overexposed but keep in mind you will be an old lady one day too! MUAH!

  26. I, too, believe this is just a bout of bitchy jealousy… Grow up

  27. I dropped your otherwise great blog from my favorites today. Betty White is the goddess of teevee. She is brilliant. Wake up and smell the
    “White” wine. We all know that wine becomes better with age. So did Betty.


  29. Absolutely stupid comment to make about Betty White. She’s got more going for her than you ever will. Oh, wait, maybe that’s why you’re pissed.

  30. I concur,I’ve been a longtime Golden Girls fan,and she was the least funniest.Her role was basically to play dumb,when Sophia and Dorothy were witty and sharp.And that SNL episode she hosted was a drab.And her new show HIC has been mediocre.
    I honestly just don’t get it.

  31. Betty White has used tampons from 1965 more relevant than this editorial.

  32. I’ll jump to your defense, Bmad. I love Betty White. I always wanted to have Rose Nylund as a friend. But I hate her new, horribly unfunny show. I’m also tired of the old lady swearing bit that she’s beaten to death in movie after movie.

  33. age discrimination? really?
    lost a few respect points for this blog.

  34. Seriously? I honestly couldn’t disagree with you more on this. Betty White has an amazing career and is, in my opinion, one of the best comedians of our time. I think you’re undermining her comedic talent…a lot.

  35. Betty White is awesome…
    you are shit.

  36. Love your blog, but gotta disagree with you on this one. Also, I feel her humor is a bit more than just “surprise” of an old woman cussing.
    Betty White is my home girl.

  37. So for once u decide to take an editorial stance on something, and it’s Betty White? :/

  38. OMG Editorial board…You fail on this one. Betty White oughta kick your [email protected]@[email protected] And, she could.

  39. You may regret this post later when the New World Order arrives and Betty White is made emperor.

  40. You’re fucking stupid. Betty White is an amazing person. Twat.

  41. Dear OMG Editorial Board,
    Long after your blog is forgotten, Ms Betty White’s work in radio, television, films–not to mention her exemplary work with animals–will live on. People’s contribution to life shouldn’t have an expiry date just because they’re old.

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