!! OMG, Ellen says vote ‘no’ on Prop. 8 !!

Californians take notice: Ellen Degeneres is voting “no” on Proposition 8 and so should you. Gay marriage opponents are winning people over with nastiness as is their way, but remember real people like Ellen are affected by careless votes.
If you live in California, make sure to vote on Tuesday Nov. 4 and vote NO on Proposition 8. And if you’d like to do more than just vote, please consider giving money to No on Prop 8, an organization that is working to counter the Republican attack ads.
UPDATE: HRC is doubling all donations given to their anti-Prop 8 efforts. Make your donation count twice as much by giving right now.

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6 Comments on "OMG, Ellen says vote ‘no’ on Prop. 8"

  1. Pickles, I think you’ve got it a little twisted. 1st of all, she doesn’t owe the gay community shit, because she’s done so much by being outspoken and visible as a gay person. Her efforts have put us in the position where we have the opportunity to fight for marriage equality; it wasn’t even feasible beforehand. So really, she’s gone above and beyond her call of duty.
    Even so, she just spent $100,000 on putting this same statement on the air.

  2. Ellen earns about $186,000 a DAY but hasn’t donated a thing to this campaign.. besides a wimpy 30 second video that won’t play to anyone besides her fans. She needs to REACH WAAAAAY further. Write to her to let her know, she should be donating MILLIONS, given she enjoys the joys of marriage that so many fought so hard to get us. Send her a note to let her know what you think: http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=10

  3. That ad with Newsom is devestating. “whether you like it or not,” something or other. I haven’t been as impressed with the No on 8 campaign–maybe they need a change in leadership?

  4. It’s good she did this..but why she hasn’t given any money to the cause?? She makes @ 10 mill an year!!! I just read an news artical that her mom gave $ 700. Well, at least her Mom took the time to donate to the cause.

  5. Thanks for posting about this Frank! and for the rest of you Gaymericans, if you can’t vote here, please consider donating money to the No on Prop 8 campaign. Both the supporters and opponents of 8 know the ramifications are big; this will affect the future of gay rights in the rest of the nation. Your donations will go to TV ads combating the haters’ lies to ensure 8 is defeated. Please help us win! Go to:

  6. and wouldn’t it be sweet if she put some her copius amounts of money where her mouth is?

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