!! OMG, Eurovision of winter beauty: Loreen’s ‘Heal’ !!

Swedish ‘Idol’ contestant and Eurovision participantypant Loreen releases the video for the title track from her new album…well it’s called ‘Heel’; it’s an album about a variety of known medical conditions related to heels: HEEL SPURS, CRACKED HEELS and a soaring track about an ACHILLES TENDON RUPTURE featuring Mariah…
…oh erm oops, no it’s apparently called ‘Heal’, and sorry, no Mariah…although I’d love to see her belt out a version of ‘Hero’ called ‘Heel-yo’:

“there’s a heel yo, if you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of heel wa-a-a-arts”

I love this video, it very much looks like a documentary entitled ‘The Long Canadian Winter’, what with the frozen mammoths in the ICY URBAN TUNDRA, soundtracked by elongated steel drum bongs and elephant tooooots.
[via WAPS]

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