!! OMG, Even He Thinks It Gets Better: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino !!

Of all celebrities to make an It Gets Better video, a member of the Jersey Shore cast is about the last one I would expect. But, you know, bravo to Vinny and everything.

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5 Comments on "OMG, Even He Thinks It Gets Better: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino"

  1. Vin should have put it in with Snooks when she looked like THIS! bahhh omg look how stinkin’ cute she was! http://bit.ly/9EbxrJ

  2. Vinny is so stinkin’ cute, why would he EVER even look at Snooks…she is so nasty! He should put it in when she was in HS…look at how surprisingly adorable she was!! http://bit.ly/9EbxrJ

  3. MMM Vinny I love you but i Don’t Buy it!!
    Episode where The Situation Was Hitting on a Tranny .. You all Made Fun of her, called her out, laugh and made fun of her ” if you gotta think about then it is”
    Snooki .. ” I love Miami i hate the Trannies” .. mmm hmmm

  4. Isn’t this the guy who was calling his opponent in a street fight “Faggot” over and over again but MTV edited it out? Nice to know fame changed his mind.

  5. And it just keeps getting better and better…

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