!! OMG, We’ll See: The Skins kids lose their accents !!

Hmm, yay, I think? My favorite TV show of the past few years, Skins, is coming to American shores with an MTV remake. The British bad teen extravaganza is cornucopia of nudity, swearing and drugs, and although I’m sure MTV will have to tone it down some, the preview above indicates that it will be basically an exact rip-off of the original, at least at first. Whether it develops into it’s own thing or takes a nose-dive remains to be seen, but for now I’m going to remain hopeful.

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9 Comments on "OMG, We’ll See: The Skins kids lose their accents"

  1. I just died a little inside.

  2. They haven’t lost their accents, they’ve gained americans ones.

  3. Geeze. What a complete rip off of the original. This trailer is the entire first episode of the original. The one thing I really notice is Tony’s bedspread is of flowers or something. In the original, it’s of a naked womens body. Thats one thing thats going to be missing. Nudity. And another, swearing. The Brits are alot more liberal. You can swear and take your top off on a live tv program at 5pm and no on cares. This show is going to suck.

  4. They’ll ruin it, just like queerasfolk. Americans make everything cheesy and commercial.

  5. It’s too similar to the UK version. Just with an uglier cast! I hope this fails, Cassie’s character looks like Jal….NOoOO :[

  6. I have no interest in wathing this series without Maxxie, the gay kid. His character was eliminated.

  7. I already hate this. I only watched the original for Maxxie (oh god, the Mitch Hewer fantasies). Why is it that lesbians are seen as more okay for tv in America than gay guys? The networks would rather show a promiscuous lesbian junkie (13 was bi in House, but still) than a gay man. I know that there’s Modern Family and what not, but sometimes I just miss Will & Grace so much.

  8. 7, i believe i read somewhere that maxxie has been swapped out for a lesbian…

  9. Where. Is. Maxxie.
    Don’t tell me they replaced the gay dancer with another dumb stoner.

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